Customer Experience

Customer Experience Programs allows Primary Intelligence's clients to find out what they current clientele really think of them. By gathering an NPS score and interviewing the current buyer, Primary Intelligence's clients can find out who are their promoters, passives and defectors from a qualitative and quantitavie point of view. This information can then be utilized to resolve or grow a current account equating to saved or increased revenues.

Vinay D Cardwell has well over 10 years of Business, Solution Selling, Marketing and Cultural Experience. Having been born into a diverse family in the cultural melting pot of Vancouver Canada, living abroad in Argentina while learning Spanish and finally immigrating to the United States. Vinay has utilized his life skill sets in understanding cultures and entire sales processes. This influence had led him into a degree in International Studies and Economics which he holds today.

Throughout the years of experience in business Vinay has noted that understanding why a company may win or lose in their sales activities and engagements are vital to the progression of a continuous business relationship. While dealing in International Trade, connecting with C-Level Executives or while utilizing his strong sales skills in running his own entrepreneurial ventures has led Vinay into the field of knowledge he is in today. Leveraging 3rd party Competitive Intelligence in assisting companies to better understand the complex sales cycles on why they Win or Lose in sales engagements, how to better retain and accelerate current accounts, and prospect buying cycles for his clients has brought him to the industry of Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience with his boutique firm, Veritas Insights.

Win Loss Analysis


Win Loss Analysis uncovers the complex nature of understanding why a company may win or lose in the competitive landscape of business. Primary Intelligence leverages it's clients own buyer data to find out why they may have won or lost, who they may have won or lost to and what the clients buyer wants. Win Loss Analysis is the ultimate in Competitive Intelligence gathering and leverages data and information to increase close rates and revenues.