What was the Formula for Ohio State's Win?

Ohio State won the College Football National Championship, beating Oregon. Looking at these teams, it would not be unusual if you asked yourself, “How did they get here? How did Ohio State squeak into the first ever college playoffs and then go up against the SEC juggernaut, #1 Alabama, and beat them? How did Oregon go and annihilate last year’s National Champions and a team that has won 27 games in a row and always seem to have a comeback in them?” The answer to these questions gives us a clue into what makes a champion and turns champions into dynasties. Part of that answer is, of course, is game film!

Have you ever watched an interview with Ohio State’s coach, Urban Meyer, when he talks about watching the game film? At whatever program he has been at, he has been diligent at watching game film. He studies his opponents and their formations and predicts their moves to stack the box or drop back into nickel coverage. Urban Meyer and his staff study the film that gives his teams the insights they need to win.

When Chip Kelly was at Oregon, he also set up a system that continues today with Mark Helfrich, for using game film as a significant strategic tool. He saw that if he could keep a defense on the field and pound them play after play, they would get tired in the second half. This would then allow for big plays for large gains that would lead to touchdowns. From watching game film, they would determine how to break down defenses and see weaknesses and holes they would take advantage of.

If game film works for football, how can businesses use it?

Win Loss Analysis is the key to getting your business game on film. What is your company’s winning percentages when coming up against certain companies? How are you gathering Competitive Intelligence against the competition? What is the strategy when going up against a competitor? When you are able to interview and ask your buyer why they did or did not buy from you, you are gathering information that you did not previously have. Just as coaches do not rely on simply asking their player, “What happened out there?”, businesses cannot rely solely on asking their sales reps to get a 360-degree view of sales opportunities. It requires 3rd party interviews covering all aspects of the sales opportunity (information from the sales reps and from the buyers involved in the sale) to get the best perspective on what actually happened and what can be done to win upcoming opportunities. This “voice of the buyer” approach is the only way you can gather the right business game film to review to make better decisions.

In the end, Ohio State won the first ever College Football playoff. They will hail for the remaining year as the College Football’s National Champion. If there be anyone out there that does not believe me that they won because of game film, I would like to know if Ohio State would have won without it? So, why would your company even think about playing without it's own business game film?


Vinay D Cardwell is a Global Sales Consultant for Primary Intelligence, The Global Leader in Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Programs. Understanding the plight of the sales person, Vinay allows his clients access to information that onlybusiness game film can provide. You can find Vinay on Google+, Twitter and of course connecting on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Pulse Feed.


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