Why do South Koreans Study Communism in the USA?

While in college I earned a degree in Economics and I took classes from professors with backgrounds in Keynesian Economics, Austrian Economics, and even Communist economic theory. While attending these classes, I noticed that I had quite a few international classmates, many of whom were from South Korea. I thought that this was interesting and the economist in me wondered if there was any correlation between the demographic makeup of the classes and the subject matter of the class. After discussing this with one of my Korean friends, he mentioned that one of the many reasons South Koreans came to study in the U.S. was to better understand Communist economic theory.

So, why did they travel half-way across the globe to come to the U.S. to study Communist Economic theory when they could have studied it in their own home country?

The reason was because of their neighbors to the North. North and South Korea sit along one of the most militarized borders on the face of the globe. With the North Koreans being Communists, they came here to study the country with which they might have the most conflict. But why come to the U.S. to study? Because—as absolutely amazing as this might sound— in the U.S. they can get a less-biased perspective on Communist economic theory than from their Korean professors back home. The University’s Heterodox program gives exposure to the “outside the mainstream” economic theories thus, they can learn the truths behind Communism.

How do Koreans, Communism and Win Loss Analysis relate?

Many organizations (and even some “research” firms) think they can understand the competition by simply looking at competitor websites, press releases, or Google Alerts about them. However, the most effective way to gather non-biased intelligence is to utilize a third party to gather this information and help you interpret, consult or strategize on what to do with this information. Studying sales engagements for competitive intelligence to make better strategic decisions gives you an upper hand to win more deals. But you need to gather information from the only source that matters—the buyers themselves.

Just as my Korean classmates would travel half-way across the world to study their Communist neighbors to the North, a Win Loss Analysis program allows businesses to study competitors without the biases that might interfere with the real story—allowing them to better compete against their opponents and sell to their end buyers.


Vinay D Cardwell is a Global Sales Consultant for Primary Intelligence, the Global Leader in Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Programs. Understanding the plight of the sales person, Vinay allows his clients access to information that onlybusiness game film can provide. You can find Vinay on Google+, Twitter and of course connecting on LinkedIn.

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