When you WIN, Nothing Hurts

One of my favorite sports to watch and play is football. I was watching a recent press conference after a game with the animated ex-coach of the NY Jets and newly hired coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan. After a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ryan mentioned, “When you win, everything’s better. The food is better, your girlfriend is prettier, your wife’s better looking and the beer is colder!”

Why is that?

The food molecules on your plate didn’t miraculously become more palatable, your girlfriend or wife didn’t all of a sudden become a super model, and really how much colder can your beer get? But you ask any athlete after a win how they feel and they are walking on air. They are elated, they feel great! But how do the losers feel? They are disappointed, let down, and in a somber mood. Winning is great but losing is horrible.

Is a locker room in football any different than a boardroom in any business?

The feelings a sales team feels after a big sale has closed in the company’s favor is the same feeling those men battling on the gridiron feel. Winning games is everything to a team’s identity. When you are winning games every week, those same sentiments that Coach Ryan stated come to fruition. However, when you lose,everything tastes like cardboard. So, how does a team that is losing stop losing? They need to review and analyze the game film! The game film does not lie. It will show you the routes you run and the audible you should have called and the formations that you are coming up against.

But watching your game film is something you do in football. How can you watch your game film in the business world?

Win Loss Analysis is the best post-sales engagement analysis tool there is in the business world. Interviewing your buyers on how you performed and what you could have done differently in the sales engagement is the best way to review your business “game film” and make the changes to the sales and business processes. To rephrase what I said above, a Win Loss game film will show you your sales strategies, the sales approach you should have used, and the tactics that competing firms are using to win deals from you!

Winning is always the greatest feeling in the world. When we win we always say we are #1 (really, who says that they are #2?) and have a strange compulsion to let everyone, even complete strangers, know. Winning is what gets us up in the morning and the reason why we take our lumps. Winning makes all the hard work and dedication worthwhile.

I think that the greatest NY Jet of all time couldn’t have stated it any better:

“When you WIN, nothing hurts!” – Joe Namath

Now let’s go out and WIN!

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Vinay D Cardwell is a Global Sales Consultant for Primary Intelligence, The Global Leader in Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Programs. Understanding the plight of the sales person, Vinay allows his clients access to information that onlybusiness game film can provide. You can find Vinay on Google+, Twitter and of course connecting on LinkedIn.

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