True story: I vividly remember a time back in grade school (before the ability to text or email) when we would pass notes in class. At the time, I had the biggest crush on a cute girl, Mary. One day I built up the nerve to send her a note in class. If you ever had a crush in grade school, I’m sure you can guess the format of the note:


Do you like me?

□ Yes

□ No

And, of course, as the note was passed down the row, the teacher spotted it and asked to see it . Then came the worst feeling in the grade school world—she read it out aloud in class.

My heart began to race, my face began to fluster, and my mouth clamped up. A cold rush of embarrassment overcame me. Everyone in class knew the note was from me but—thank goodness—no one said anything. I dodged a bullet there. I thought to myself there has to be an easier way for me to get the true feelings about me from my grade school crush!!! So at recess, I recruited my friend Marco to go ask her if she liked me. Upon his return, Marco told me she had said . . . [To be continued]

How does passing notes in class, Marco and a Win Loss Program relate?

As I have grown up and developed a sales career, I have found much more sophisticated ways to gather intelligence about our clients’ perceptions of our services and offerings. Sending notes in class is one thing, and it may not have gotten back the true feelings of what my grade school crush thought about me, but when I recruited my friend Marco to get me the right intelligence, I received some added information that a note would not have gotten me.

In a sense, having a Win Loss Program conducted by a third-party provider like Primary Intelligence allows you to recruit your very own “Marco” to go out and get the feedback that you need to know about your sales engagements. Going beyond the simple self-administered survey model allows you to learn, among many other things:

What do your buyers think of the product?

Why do they have those perceptions?

How does your product fit (or not fit) your buyers’ needs?

Who else is the buyer interested in purchasing from and why?

This competitive information allows companies to find out what their buyers really think, rather than just “sending them a note” and getting a static affirmative or negative that is devoid of any real context.

Oh, in case you were hanging on by your fingernails to learn the fate of my grade school love life, in the end I found out that Mary didn’t like me; she actually liked my friend Marco! However, she did tell Marco that Patricia liked me, and Patricia was pretty cute!

Such is the nature of in-depth intelligence—sometimes you don’t get the information you were expecting, but you get information that is advantageous nonetheless.

#salesintelligence #winlossanalysis #CustomerExperience #strategy #competitiveintelligence

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