My wife and I had our first child and, as every parent knows, it has been a blessing and a curse.

Since our child’s birth, my wife has been very diligent about getting back to her original weight. She recently completed a half-marathon where training and diet were a huge factor in reaching her goal of finishing the race in less than 2½ hours. To reward herself for this amazing accomplishment, she purchased a new pair of jeans. After purchasing these jeans, she asked me that timeless and inevitable question: Honey, how do I look in these jeans? Now, since I am an astute husband, I quickly stated, “Yes honey, you look great in those jeans!” (Which she did, by the way.)

Now, anyone who has a significant other knows that, regardless of how they look or what they are wearing, we are always going to respond in the affirmative if we want to avoid conflict. This may be due to social norms, appeasing our counterpart, or just wanting to win brownie points. But, what would happen if our spouses had an objective third party (such as a personal trainer) give them feedback on how they look in those jeans — would it still be in the affirmative?

How do jeans, 3rd party responses, and Win Loss go together?

Instead of just providing a “safe” answer about your appearance and fitness, a personal trainer will look at things from a different perspective. A good personal trainer will objectively analyze how you look or perform and then develop a routine that will meet your specific needs based on your own goals. They will help you determine those goals, set up a training schedule, and help to execute your plan In other words, they may not say you look great in the jeans, but they will say, “Here’s how we can make you look great in those jeans.”

In Win Loss, utilizing a third party as your “personal trainer” to gather the data and information directly from your buyers will get those honest and truthful insights on why you may be winning or losing. Instead of just accepting a “safe” answer that a buyer may give to your sales team to avoid conflict, a third-party consultant can dig deeper to get to the hard truths of the opportunity:

  • What were the actual drivers of the decision?

  • What were the buyer’s needs?

  • Did the sales team address those needs, or did they drop the ball

  • In what ways is the competition performing better than you?

Why a Third Party Partner Gets You the Right Answers

In other words, even in business there are many social norms that are in play that can make it easier to offer an appeasing response instead of the real response. Having a third party conduct the research helps ensure that these types of responses are not the end of the conversation, but rather the beginning.

A good third party will also go one step further and help carve out a plan to reach your goal of winning more and even better will guarantee you a result. The third party interview from Primary Intelligence’s Voice of the Buyer program gets you the true results that your company is needing and requesting. So time to get down and do some more squats because your Personal Trainer is going to make you look real good in those jeans!

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