How much more would you spend for TRUST?

I ran into a situation with consumer TRUST. As you may have noticed there has been relentless advertising in the consumer telecommunications market, and every company is trying to acquire more and more customers. I had become drawn into the advertising whims and decided to change my family plan to theYellow guys.

First off, I went to their website to look for their number to call a sales rep to discuss a potential plan. It took me about four to five minutes to find the number to the sales department.

That number should be the BIGGEST AND BOLDEST number on the website.

Placing the call

I finally found it and placed my call at 7 p.m. MST. I spoke with Tatiana who had a lovely accent that I didn’t recognize so I asked her where she was from. She said she was in Romania. I thought this was interesting that I was transferred to an EU country where it was four in the morning for them. We talked and I felt comfortable with her demeanor and with the plan and phones she was offering.

Then she said the next step would be to get my social security number and credit card information to get an account up and running and qualify me for the offer. I was hesitant to give my identity over the phone to a stranger in a foreign country. She couldn’t even tell me how much the taxes and fees in my state will be when I asked her what the total cost would be.

It just didn’t feel right. I thanked her for her time and decided more research was needed. But I really wanted to speak with someone local.

Moving on to another provider

I decided to call the Pink carrier to compare my plan and rates with upgrades. I was able to find the customer service line within two clicks. I was greeted with the warmest, “Hello, this is Katie from Idaho.” I was impressed that I got someone in my time zone.

I asked her about the plan I was on and my upgrades. She actually found me a discount on my plan to reduce it by another $10 and then removed a fee that no longer applied because I owned my phone.

I ended up leaving with an $18 discount per month! She advised if I was going to buy another phone that I should hold off until after the holidays because there may be a rebate coming up and if I didn’t need the phone desperately to wait. So I did.

Trust as a Differentiator

So what was the difference? TRUST.

Since I was in the market to switch over plans, I was a motivated customer, butthe trust factor of speaking with a foreigner in Eastern Europe and giving them my personal identity to switch over just didn’t feel right.

I am sure Yellow has stringent security measures, but it wasn’t enough to put me at ease to make a purchase. When I called my current provider who connected me with someone within my own time zone and offered a lower rate, I became comfortable with the situation and chose to stay with my current provider.

How do companies measure TRUST?

Asking your consumers directly if they trust your company is a good practice. In measuring TRUST, using NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a great way to put a metric on how likely a consumer trusts your brand.

The best option is having a non-biased third party ask the question for you. By directly asking “How likely they are to recommend and stay with their current provider?” a third party interviewer can gather the information for you and show you how to make it actionable.

So what’s the difference between speaking with Tatiana and Katie?

The difference was the level of TRUST I had in the brand I was associating with. I did not feel comfortable giving my personal information to a foreigner. The story may have ended differently if the Yellow sales rep answered, “Hi, this is Bob in New York.”

Trust is one of the top reasons consumers do business with a brand.

How is your brand building its TRUST with your consumers?

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