Your Enemy Will Define YOU!

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said: “To know thy enemy, is to know thyself.”

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said: “To know thy enemy, is to know thyself.”

Sun Tzu wrote this over a thousand years ago and it is still true today. Why is knowing your enemy so vital in sales? Because understanding who they are and what they provide forces you to re-evaluate who you are. We all know that you are only as good as second place, so needing to understand who the challenger is can often change who we end up becoming.

When I speak with prospects, I often ask them what type of business they are and what are their comparative differences to their competition. They will tell me one or two factors that makes them a better choice than the competition.

However, once they start analyzing their sales opportunities, they realize they got thrown into the same bucket as the competition. Those comparative differences somehow got tossed out the window.

Now once this happens, they find themselves in a commoditized market and start selling on price instead of the benefits that make them different from the competition.

How do you get to know your enemy better, to better understand yourself?

At first, you may think you know who the enemy–the competition–is through hearsay. But you really don’t know who you’re up against. By not having insight to the competition, you can’t really define comparative differences, let alone the enemy. So how can you possibly know yourself?

What’s the best way to understand the enemy? Ask the buyer! The buyer can compare you to the competition, rate your performance, and describe your strengths and weaknesses. The competitive intelligence you gain from the buyer will be far more valuable than the big data you obtain from pulling reports.

Only after this information is gathered and assimilated can you have a clear understanding as to where you sit in regards to the competition and how you are really defined by the market. The competitive intelligence gathered will help your marketing team hone the right message, allow product development to enhance the solution, and give sales reps the necessary tools to close more deals.

Who is your enemy when you compete for business? Let's define them!

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