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Vinay's journey

The Early Years

Vinay grew up in the cultural melting pot in Vancouver Canada. He would like to say that he was a cute kid, but of course, he is biased. His parents were both born and raised in the South Pacific. His mom is from Fiji of East Indian descent and his dad is from New Zealand but of British descent.


He played and enjoyed his childhood much being the middle child of 3 boys. He grew up playing sports quite a bit. He relished the competitive nature of sports growing up. From winning a Division Little League Championship and having his High School soccer team going to the Provincial Championships but coming up short. He thoroughly enjoyed the team comradery that he gained from these years in understanding the dynamics of how you deal with adversity and defeat.

Leaving Home

As he grew up he had the opportunity to travel to Argentina and took in the culture. He sipped the Mate and learned the Castilian dialect (it was Spanish). It was a wonderful experience but he knew that at some point it had to end.


He then headed back home to his True North Strong and Free, Canada. But upon arrival, he felt the need to move to the US. He packed his 18 yr old car, had $100 cash in hand, a couch to crash on, and a credit card, and moved to America. Within a week he found a place to stay, a job, and friends that he has to this very day. He spent a year in the Pacific Northwest under the eye of the Space Needle and had the fortunate opportunity to take a job transfer to go to school in Idaho. He spent a few semesters there and caught the traveling bug again.


He then took his exploits and business opportunities to further locales and traveled the country living in the City of Angeles, Los Angeles. His next destination was in the south in Little Rock, AR where everyone appreciated you stoppin’ by and they were always fixin’ to do something. After Little Rock, he sought his sights on the Union state to a place he had always heard about and growing up as a Bulls fan wanted to see, the Windy City, Chicago. Sooner or later those winds would carry him away again to his final destination and land on the snowy slopes of Salt Lake City. 

Vinay's Accomplishments

He completed his Master's Degree in Management from Harvard with graduate certificates in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He attended the University of Utah and earned a degree in International Studies and Economics. He has also earned his Certified Global Business Professional through NASBITE and is a Competent Communicator through Toastmasters.


He was the President of Young Professionals Salt Lake City. He is a producer and promoter of Cabaret and variety shows in Salt Lake. He is a proficient public speaker. He is helping to develop the elite Concierge service in Utah. He earned his 3rd degree of Free Masonry to become a Master Mason of the Progress Lodge 22 in Salt Lake City.  


Vinay has two adorable children. His first child, Escher, was named after the artist MC Escher. His second child, Emerson, was named after the great American and influential essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson. They both represent all the cultural and ethnic traits that make this country they live in so incredible. Vinay is proud of his journeys and travels and finds that these opportunities are what form him today. He is constantly engaged in learning new skills and traits.


He is an avid reader and has his bookshelf to prove it. Vinay has sought out the opportunities that America holds and finds that the relationships that he has formed have made him the man he is today.

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