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D2DCon Official After Party

Hosting the Official After Party for Door to Door Con

With a team, I created a space on the 5th Floor of a vacant commercial building, including DJs, Installations, and performances from Dance After Dark that brought people and those traveling to experience Salt Lake City.

Hosted Birthday Party

I organized my Birthday within a week and took an unutilized space that enabled me to bring friends from all social circles to come and celebrate my birthday with me.

Official Kick-Off Party for
EDM Surf

Hosted the Official Kick-Off party for EDM Surf

Official After Party for Kai Wachi

Partnering with the Premier EDM Promoter in Utah, V2 Presents, we hosted the official after-party for Kai Wachi at the historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

Official After Parties

Forming a relationship with the Conferences: FightCon, FitCon, and SportCon. We will be hosting their official after parties starting off in October 2024

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